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Living Trusts

What is a Living Trust?

A Living Trust is one of the best ways to protect your assets and your family in case you are sick, incapacitated, or something that has happened to you.

We like to think of a Living Trust like a giant safe deposit box that guards all of your real estate, bank accounts, and other assets and you are the only one that has access to this safe deposit box.

What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?
Avoid Court Probate

A Living Trust saves you time and money because it protects your family from having to go through Probate in order to transfer your assets if something happens to you. Probate is a court procedure where the Court supervises your assets for 1 to 2 years, and costs tens of thousands of dollars in fees.

Save Money on Taxes

A Living Trust saves money on capital gains taxes because if your loved ones sell your property soon after inheriting it, there will be no taxable gain on the property even if the property has appreciated in value during your lifetime.

For married couples, there are additional tax advantages of titling your
property as Community Property when transferring it into the Trust.

Privacy from Creditors
A Living Trust is a private document that keeps your assets confidential from the outside world.  Without a Living Trust, your assets go through Probate and all of your assets become public records.  This allows creditors to try to place claims on your assets before your loved ones can inherit them.

Protection against Sickness
A Living Trust protects your assets in the event you are sick by allowing you to name someone to make financial decisions for you until you recover. You can also name someone to make health care decisions for you in the Health Care Directive, which comes with every Living Trust.

What is included as part of a Living Trust package?

  • Living Trust

  • Financial Power of Attorney 

  • Health Care Directive

  • Pourover Will


Also included:

  • One Grant Deed to transfer your home into your Trust

  • All County Recorder fees for title change

  • Notary Services

  • Unlimited attorney consultations during the process


How long does it take to create a Living Trust?

We can create a Living Trust within one week after we have received the information we need from you. 
Once the documents are ready, you will sign them and they will be effective immediately. After that, we will work with the county recorder office to change your real estate into your Living Trust.

Why should we hire you?

Excellent Service

We will work hard and fast for you because our reputation is on the line. 100% of our current Living Trust clients are referrals from former clients. This is only possible because of the excellent service we provide.


We will always respond to your questions and keep you updated. Attorneys are known to be hard to get a hold of and we promise you that you will always have access to an attorney.

We Deliver

When we say we will complete your documents in one week, we mean it! When we quote you a price, we will honor that price and there will be no surprise charges.

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Call or email to schedule your free Living Trust consultation! 

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Call or email to schedule your free Living Trust consultation! 

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