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Our law office handles all aspects of probate cases including

  • Probate

  • Conservatorships

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directive

  • Real Estate Transfer

What is Probate? 

Probate is a long and costly court case that has to be completed when someone does not have a Living Trust and passes away with assets.  The deceased person's family will usually have to wait 1-2 years and spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to get control of the assets.   Our firm assists people with this court process since it will require court appearances and preparing legal documents. 


A conservatorship is needed when someone is no longer able to take care of themselves.  A conservatorship is a court case where a close friend or family member can apply to the court and become authorized to take care of someone's needs, whether financial or medical.  

Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive - These are documents that can protect you in case of illness or incapacity.  These documents will allow you to name someone to take over important financial and medical decisions on your behalf in case you are not able to do so yourself.  When you have recovered, you will resume these responsibilities.  Our firm can assist you with preparing these documents so that you have the ability to choose the person you want involved and so that you do not suffer harm during that time period that you are unable to care for yourself.  

Real Estate Transfers

Whether you are transferring property through sale, inheritance, gift or any other purpose, our firm can advise you on the best form of title for your situation.  We also can provide advice on possible tax considerations and how to protect your property.  Our firm prepares and file title transfer documents such as deeds on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about making a mistake on these important documents.  

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